Ready. Set. Achieve.

Eager uses existing academic data to provide insights to student stakeholders such as parents, teachers, counselors, and learning specialists, connecting them with students who need help the most, at the right time, in the right areas.



Support and encouragement are critical to the developing student’s confidence in their academic discipline, and abilities. Too often, students of all ages lack a positive educational environment, either in the school or at home.

Every time a student succeeds or fails, there is an excellent opportunity for a role model to provide support or encouragement. Current pen and paper systems are too slow and inaccurate to deliver this feedback; behavioral science tells us that timing and precision is of utmost importance in promoting gradual change.

Luckily for us, most schools now using learning management systems or LMS’s, which record a plethora of data on student interactions, communications, and performance. Through processing this data, Eager can learn from student and classroom changes and identify when students need approval, suggesting or automating helpful next actions such as messaging parents, counselors, or giving the student badges for their hard work.

By utilizing existing support networks, and rich educational intelligence, Eager can help situate students and those that care about them around concrete and manageable goals.


Students can set discrete achievable goals for each of their classes

Parents & Stakeholders

Parents and Teachers alike provide prosocial incentives for each student thats needs extra motivation


Teachers and other stakeholders are kept up to date, getting notified when the student is in trouble or when congratulations are due

Principals & Other Admins

Teachers, Principals, and other school faculty can predict student performance, automatically following struggling students, enabing them to intervene before problems surface


$ 20 / per student per year
  • Full Canvas LMS* Sync
  • Unlimited Admins (Counselors, Consultants, Advisors)
  • Unlimited Parents
  • Unlimited Teachers

Contact us for if you do not currently use Canvas LMS but are interested in Eager.