About Us


Chris Hanson
Recently a student himself, Chris was inspired to build Eager based on his own struggles and ultimate success in school.
Matt Perrotta
Current Wharton MBA student and former management consultant, Matt is passionate about promoting positive behavior change to achieve long term goals.
Rahul Basu
A good product design can change the way we interact with an idea, Rahul strives to make sure that Eager consumers find it simplistic yet intuitive at the same time.
Tumor prediction algorithms seem to have little to do with academic success, but Rachit is adamant on applying the same algorithms to finding and solving student and instiutional problems in education.
Michael Jones
An Americorps alumnus, and University of Delaware Graduate, Mike is excited to work with Eager to create innovative solutions for positive student outcomes.
Yu-Hsuan Tsou
Customer Development
Former primary school teacher and current education masters student, Yu-Hsuan wants to know our students inside and out.
Yu-Chen Liou
Product Development
An M.S.Ed. TESOL student at University of Pennsylvania,  Yu-Chen is fascinated by the potential for technology to create simple solutions to complex problems in education.
Yueyang Zheng
Yueyang Zheng is a recent graduate of University of Pennsylvania. He is interested in full-stack web development and wants to help Eager create its innovative product that can make a difference on struggling students.